Quotes from an amazing book a friend sent me…

“The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

  • “Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul”
  • “Imagination is the movement of the universal mind within you.  Your imagination creates the inner picture that allows you to participate in the act of creation.  It’s the invisible connecting link to manifesting your own destiny.”
  • “You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the power that created you”
  • “You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are the Spirit….this is the greatest truth”
  • “Meditation is the only way you can grow.  There is no other way out.  Because when you meditate, you are in silence.  You are in thoughtless awareness.  Then the growth of awareness takes place.”
  • “I learned that total sobriety was absolutely essential for me to achieve the level of consciousness I craved and was destined to achieve.  Alcohol and virtually all artificial drugs, legal and otherwise, lower your body’s energy level and weaken you.”
  • “Your purpose will only be found in service to others, and in being connected to something far greater than you body/mind/ego.”

Hope you enjoy these snippets from this book that my good friend Thom Svast sent to me while in Rehab.  I really learned a lot from the book…there will be more to come soon!


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